Meet Our Designer

Name:Angela Richards Location:Alberta, Canada

Grant MacEwan College (2006)

Chocolate, Art, Camping & Time With Her Family

Sun in her eyes & Smelly Feet

Please meet Angela Richards, Freelance Web Designer. Angela's fascination of art began at a very young age, whether she displayed her talent on paper, canvas, or wallpaper. Drawing, painting and building have all played a large part in the development of her artistic talent. As she matured, her skills became specialized in the art of design.

In 2005, Angela attended Grant MacEwan - Centre for the Arts, receiving her Design Foundations Certificate in 2006. She fell in love with the ideals of form and function. Her schooling in art, intermingled with the emerging computer geek inside of her, has created a professional, imaginative web designer. Angela enjoys a challenge and will never turn down a problem to solve! She creates websites because she loves design, and her perfectionism will ensure that you are completely satisfied with her results.